More Veggies. Less Meat.More Veggies. Less Meat.More Veggies. Less Meat.More Veggies. Less Meat.

Join me in my love for a vegan & plant-based lifestyle!

Not Sure Where to Start?

Thousands of articles, influencers, and reports about vegan and plant-based diets can be overwhelming. Here, you will find the basics of what you need to get started. 

The Protein Perception

It's a myth that plant-based diets don't offer enough protein that was created by the beef industry. If you're going to try plant-based, the most important step is to keep an open mind, and be wiling to listen to science and facts about plant-based nutrition.

Not a Great Cook?

No problem! I'm no Martha Stewart. I do like my family to eat well, though, and I like to do that as simply and naturally as possible. 

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